Five-year-old Rana Fathima named brand ambassador of kid’s swimming programme

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Kozhikode: For 5-year-old Rana Fathima from Kakkadamthodu, a remote mountainous hilly area bordering the Kozhikode-Malappuram districts, swimming is an integral part of her life. Now this UKG student is the brand ambassador of the swimming training programme for kids under Mukkom Municipality ‘Neenthi vaa Makkale’.

The official certificate bestowing the honour upon the UKG student was presented during an event held in Mukkom as part of World Swim Day celebrations on the 28th of October. Linto Joseph, MLA, handed over the certificate to Rana.

From the age of 2.5 Rana’s grandmother would take her to the nearby Cherupuzha River daily, where she received her initial training. Witnessing Rana’s keen interest and natural talent for swimming, her grandmother continued to nurture her skills. Swimming quickly evolved into Rana’s favourite hobby, and she would eagerly take to the water even when the river’s currents were strong, said her father, Rafeeque Thottumukkom, who is a journalist.

Rafeeque fondly remembers the moments of those early days when bystanders often mistook Rana for being in distress and attempted to rescue her from the river. Recognizing her passion, Rafeeque began capturing her aquatic adventures on camera and sharing them on social media. This exposure garnered Rana considerable attention through her social media posts.

Rana is adventurous,  she alongside her cousins engages in tree climbing, wall jumping, and swimming. Growing up in a  remote mountainous village helps the kids have more exposure to these activities,  her father Rafeeque, explained to Onmanorama.

“Every child should learn to swim; it can be a lifesaver,” said Rana’s grandmother, Ramla Manaf. Rana’s mother, Rifana Rafeeque, watches with pride as her young daughter, now a UKG student at Thottumukkam Government UP School, assumes the role of a brand ambassador for a swimming program that aims to impart valuable skills to other children.

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