Electronic Spices Electric Kettle Thermostat switch 2 pin Terminal Kitchen Appliance Part pack of 1pcs

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Price: ₹199.00
(as of Nov 20, 2023 21:12:35 UTC – Details)

This is an electric kettle switch. This switch can be used to replace the older or damaged switch in an electric kettle. It has 2 pins, one is used for input, and the other one is used as output. The color of this switch is shiny black. It can withstand high room temperature. The switch offers a simple on/off switch on one output one at a time. The switch is built from high plastic material which gives the switch strength and hardness. The wear and tear properties are also very high. It can work for longer durations. The life cycle continues for approximately 10,000 clicks.
Max. power rating  :  6A
It offers on/off switch one at a time
High temperature withstand
Long-life approximately 10,000 clicks

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