Kerala HC grants bail to drawing teacher, says it's unlikely he assaulted 6 girls in a day

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Kochi: Kerala High Court on Monday granted bail to a drawing teacher who was accused of sexually assaulting six girl students in one day.

While granting a conditional bail, Justice Sophy Thomas said that it was unlikely that the person had sexually assaulted six students between 11.20 am to noon as the the prosecution claimed. The court also noted that the case was filed six days after the alleged incident happened.

“It is true that there is a delay of six days in making the complaint by the victim girls. Moreover, the allegation that on the same day, the petitioner sexually assaulted six female students of the same class also seems doubtful. The petitioner has been in judicial custody since December 20, 2023, and the investigation has progressed substantially. So this Court is inclined to release the petitioner on bail,” the judge said in her verdict, reported LiveLaw.

As per the case, it was alleged that the drawing teacher sexually assaulted six students of the same class on December 12, 2023, between 11.20 pm and noon.

The court, while granting bail, set severe conditions for the teacher. He was instructed not to enter the school premises for three months or till the end of the investigation, whichever is earlier. He was also ordered not to contact the victims or their families, and shall not influence or intimidate them, either directly or indirectly.
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