Kerala HC rejects married daughter's plea for aid from father after husband loses job

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Kochi: The Kerala High Court on Tuesday turned down a petition filed by a married woman seeking employment assistance from her father’s benefits after her husband was rendered jobless.
The petitioner appealed for dependency status claiming that her financial situation changed after her husband lost his job abroad.

Justice Devan Ramachandran quashed the plea and stated that the petitioner was not reliant on her father, as her husband previously had a good income. He added that the concept that the daughter’s dependency on her father was ‘restored’ due to her husband’s alleged unemployment was not legally tenable.

Meanwhile, the counsel for the petitioner argued that the sole reason provided for the rejection of the dependency certificate is that the appellant is a married woman, but that this does not take away the appellant’s claim as employment assistance will have to be given to a daughter, regardless of her marital status.

The bench went on to say that “If persons who are not fully eligible to be granted benefits under the said Government Order are afforded the same, the purpose behind it would lose its integrity and intent.”
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