TVM mom-newborn death: Shameera was forced to opt for home birth, given acupuncture treatment, say police

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Nemom: Palakkad native Shameera Beevi (36), who died of excessive bleeding after opting for a home birth, was given acupuncture treatment, said police. The newborn also died during delivery. As per reports, Shihab of Venjarammoodu, who runs a clinic in Beema Palli, was treating Shameera. Police have registered a case of unnatural death and are continuing with the investigation.

According to police, Shameera’s husband Nayas forced her to give birth at home and denied her a hospital delivery. It is also alleged that Nayas misbehaved with the health workers who asked him to take Shameera to a hospital. The couple have two children. Both of them were delivered by C-section. When Shameera became pregnant a third time, Nayas decided that they would opt for acupuncture treatment and not go to the hospital.

Meanwhile, police revealed that Shameera is Nayas’ second wife. His daughter from his first marriage is studying acupuncture. As per reports, Nayas’ daughter was also present at the time of delivery. Police have launched an investigation into those who were present at the time of delivery, including the daughter.

The incident happened at Thirumangalam Lane near Pazhaya Karakkamandapam in Nemom around Tuesday evening. The couple had been staying in a rented house for months and did not maintain much contact with their neighbours or other residents. When Nayas refused to admit Shameera to a hospital despite her being fully pregnant, residents in the area informed the health workers. Though they intervened, Nayas did not allow Shameera to be taken to a hospital, following which excessive bleeding occurred and she fell unconscious.

People in the area rushed Shameera to a private hospital in Karamana. However, the doctors said both mother and child had died hours ago. Later, police reached their rented house, sealed the property and took Nayas into custody.

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