Nimishapriya’s mother arrives in Aden; set to travel to Sanaa today

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Kochi: Premakumari, the mother of Nimishipriya, the Indian nurse who was sentenced to death in a murder case, has arrived in Aden, Yemen. She is expected to travel to the country’s capital Sanaa in the evening to meet her daughter.

Subhash Chandran, a representative of the Save Nimishpriya International Action Council and a Malayali lawyer, said the plan was to travel by road, if possible. Premakumari, a native of Palakkad, flew from Kochi via Mumbai on Saturday morning and reached Aden. Action Council member and Yemeni expatriate Samuel Jerome is also accompanying her.

Aden is under the control of the official Yemeni government, whereas, Sanaa, is under the control of the Houthi rebels, where Nimishipriya is in prison. She was jailed in 2017 after being sentenced to death in the murder of Yemeni national Talal Abdo Mahdi.

Following the country’s Supreme Court’s affirmation of the death sentence, efforts have been underway to secure her release by offering consolation money to Talal’s family.

Nimishapriya’s release will be possible if the deceased’s family and the chiefs of the tribe to which Talal belonged agree to her release. Upon reaching Sanaa, the action council plans to discuss with chiefs alongside Premakumari to extend apologies and offer blood money.

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