Race for guest lecturer’s post in Kerala Varma College turns ugly

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Thrissur: A fierce and vicious competition is on for teaching posts in Kerala as has been proved by various disputes, legal wrangles and graft allegations often reported. An ugly spat over a guest lecturer’s post in Kerala Varma College here is one such.

“They continuously make threatening calls. I am exhausted mentally. Even my family is scared,” claimed a lecturer in her Whatsapp message referring to the pressure she faced from two other faculty of the college who tried to ensure the appointment of a politically connected aspirant by forcing her to quit.

One who faced threats stood first in the rank list for the post of guest lecturer for Political Science course at Kerala Varma College. She was targeted by two lecturers of the college apparently in their bid to secure the same job for a former leader of the Students’ Federation of India who was placed second in the rank list.

The interview to appoint the guest lecturer was conducted on May 28. The second-ranked candidate reportedly could not answer the questions posed by subject experts during the interview. Though the Head of the Department had given full marks to this candidate, he could only get the second rank.

Meanwhile, the first-rank holder sent in letter stating she was relinquishing the job.

“I gave up on the job as I am afraid to join Kerala Varma College,” she said.

It is even alleged that another female lecturer, who had objected to the move to appoint the second rank-holder was verbally abused by the Head of the Department. He had also gestured at her in an obscene manner for which a case is with the Court.

The Head of the Department also handed over a letter to the Principal pointing out that the subject expert raised questions to the candidate, who secured the first rank, in a biased manner. The Head also even refused to sign the rank list.

Dr Jewel John Alappat, another lecturer with the same College and a subject expert, had complained to the Chancellor and the Vice Chancellor seeking an inquiry into the external intervention in the appointment. Although the Committee appointed by the College Principal has submitted the report after an inquiry, no action has been initiated yet.

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