Accused in sexual assault case of 10-year-old in Kasaragod nabbed from Andhra Pradesh

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Kasaragod: The police on Friday arrested the accused who abducted and sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl at Kanhangad here over a week ago. He was taken into custody from Andhra Pradesh.

As per reports, a phone call the accused made home proved crucial in tracing him. As the accused wasn’t using his phone much, the police had a difficult time finding his whereabouts. However, the moment they gathered information that he was in Andhra Pradesh, a team set off for the state and nabbed him. The team is expected to bring the accused back to Kanhangad by Friday night or Saturday morning.

The case
The 10-year-old girl sleeping in her house was kidnapped and sexually assaulted on May 15. She was found abandoned in a nearby paddy field in the early hours of Wednesday. The girl was allegedly abducted from a hamlet which falls under the Hosdurg police station limit here. According to the child’s family members, she was kidnapped from the room of her grandfather after he went out of the house to milk his cows around 3 am. She was found missing from the bed when he returned after some time. They said the grandfather used to go out after closing the door but never locked it. The other family members including the victim’s father, mother and sister were sleeping in another room in the same house, they said.

Abandoned in a paddy field, the hapless girl knocked on the door of a house nearby and called her father from a phone of the residents there. Quoting the girl, her family said that an unidentified man had taken her outside the house, threatening to kill her if she raised an alarm.

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