Akash Thillankery does not hold a driver's licence: MVD

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Kannur: The Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) has stated that Akash Thillankery, the main accused in the Shuhaib murder case, does not hold a driver’s licence. The Kannur Enforcement RTO reported this to the Wayanad Enforcement RTO.

The RTO has taken action against vehicle owner Sulaiman, a Malappuram native, in connection with Akash’s Instagram reel, in which he was seen driving a modified jeep through Panamaram town without wearing a seat belt, imposing a fine of Rs 45,500. However, no action has been taken against Akash.

According to the Kannur Enforcement RTO’s report, there is no licence under Akash’s name in Kannur. The High Court had directed strict action against Akash’s illegal travel. The court also clarified that the vehicle involved is not permitted to be in public places and that they would intervene proactively.

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