CWC to return abandoned baby to own mother as DNA test proves parentage

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Thiruvananthapuram: An infant abandoned by its biological parents fearing social stigma over pre-marital pregnancy is to be returned to the mother. The Child Welfare Committee (CWC) has decided to return the baby as a DNA test proved its parentage. 

As reported earlier the parents abandoned the baby fearing social reproof as it was conceived before their marriage. The child was placed in the “Ammathottil” , the electronic cradle of the Kerala State Council for Child Welfare meant to save infants abandoned by their near and dear ones. 

The woman was eight months pregnant at the time of the marriage. Later, she and her partner moved into a rented house in Thiruvananthapuram and the woman gave birth in May. They abandoned the child in the Ammathottil on July 17.    

“We had abandoned the child as we feared adverse reactions of our families and the society on the pre-marital pregnancy,” the baby’s father said. 

The baby’s handover is expected anytime soon. 

The attempts by the parents to get the baby back became public through a story in Manorama News even as legal proceedings for adoption were to start within two days.  

On December 1, the CWC chairperson had said the baby would be moved to the “legally free for adoption” status after two more days.

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