Family raps police for skipping term ‘food poisoning’ in FIR

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Kottayam: The family of Reshmi Raj, the woman who died after consuming food from an eatery here on Monday, has alleged that the FIR did not mention that she died of food poisoning.

The first information report (FIR) merely stated that the woman died after suffering from vomiting, diarrhoea and breathing difficulties.

There are no reports to substantiate that Reshmi died of food poisoning yet, police said defending their stance.

The preliminary report had mentioned that Reshmi died due to the infection in internal organs. Organs including liver, kidneys and lungs were infected.

The body fluids will be sent to Thiruvananthapuram regional lab for chemical testing.

The Kottayam Municipal Health Supervisor was suspended on Wednesday as the eatery in concern was allowed to function despite several red flags.

The eatery was served a closure notice two months ago after it was found functioning in unhygienic conditions during a raid conducted by the health wing of the Kottayam Municipality. The suspension was issued as the eatery was allowed to function again.

With several other people too reporting food poisoning after having food from the hotel, the food safety actions of the authorities are coming under severe criticism.

Reshmi Raj, a young nurse lost her life after consuming kuzhimanthi and al-faham, two popular Arabian dishes, from the ‘Park’ Hotel located at Sankranthi on December 29.

She was admitted to Kottayam Medical College in a serious condition and died after three days despite the best efforts of doctors. The hospital authorities informed she died due to an infection in her internal organs.

A statewide crackdown on eateries was held on Wednesday by the Food Safety Department on Tuesday following the incident. Of the 429 restaurants inspected, 43 were shut down. 22 outlets were closed for not maintaining the hygiene parameters stipulated by the department and 21 for not possessing a license.

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