YOZONKY Solar Powered Ventilation Exhaust Fan | Car Auto Cool Solar Powered Car Window Cool Air Vent Auto Fan (Black – 1 Pcs)

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Price: ₹1,199 - ₹549.00
(as of Feb 01,2023 02:12:01 UTC – Details)

This Product is 1 Watt so more Powerful and High RPM Fully Solar Powered. No Batteries Needed, No Wiring cut Easy to Install and Remove. Keep your Car Heat and Toxic Free New Solar Power Car Auto Fan, Air Vent Portable, Car Cooler, Car Window Fan Highest in Quality. A must Item for all Car Users This is 1W Auto Fan with Large Solar Penal 11 CM x 6 CM. The Auto Cool Solar Powered Fan will Make Sure That your Car is Always the Coolest Thing on the Road. Keep Cool in The Heat Just because It's Hot Outside Doesn't Mean you Have to be Hot While Driving. It Maintains a Safe, Comfortable Temperature Level for your Return.
Specifications : Solar Powered Car Ventilation System Blows Hot Air Out of The Parking. Car Under the Sunlight and Draws the Fresh Air in Keeps the Car Cool Works within Under Sunlight.
Auto Vent Cooler Deluxe Dose Not Work On Dark Tinted For Windows.
Cooling, Ventilation to keep interior air clean, Detoxifying, Lengthen Lifespan of the inner electrical components of cars, Energy saving.
It can reduce the use of air-condition.
It’s not a fan for human beings, just an Auto Cooler Ventilation Fan to circulates the air in your car. Warm tip: If you have electric windows that will not allow anything to be in the window, so will not close. Please help yourself to solve it.

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