Let’s break away from traditional idea of family: Kerala min’s touching message for transgender parents

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Kerala’s Minister for Social Justice, R Bindu, has called for the opening of doors to a ‘more inclusive, gender-aware world’ as she expressed her joy in the birth of a child to transgender couple Ziya Paval and Zahhad Fazil.

Earlier on Wednesday, Malayali transman Zahhad gave birth through a Caesarean section at the Government Medical College Hospital in Kozhikode. It was a first in the country.

Minister Bindu said the news of the childbirth was heartening. “Let the birth of their child – whose very existence subverts society’s obsolete and rigid cisgender dichotomies – open doors to a new, more inclusive, gender-aware world,” she tweeted.

Zahhad, who was transitioning to become a man, stalled it to conceive a baby. The couple recently revealed they were undergoing hormone therapy to change their gender.

Let us learn & unlearn
The minister also shared a message with the society, urging one and all to “break away from the traditional, heteronormative idea of a family”.

“…replace it with one defined by love and acceptance,” the minister tweeted.

The CPM leader has wished for the happy development to “serve as a guiding light for each of us to learn & unlearn”.

Minister Bindu wrapped up her short but powerful message with “love, hugs & best wishes to Zahad (sic), Ziya and their little one”.

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