Crime Branch to probe Vijesh Pillai’s complaint against Swapna Suresh

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Thiruvananthapuram: The crime Branch will investigate Kannur native Vijesh Pillai’s complaint against Swapna Suresh, the key accused in the gold smuggling through diplomatic baggage case. Kannur unit of the Crime Branch is in charge of the probe.

Vijesh has filed a complaint with the DGP after Swapna alleged that he visited her as an emissary of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and CPM State Secretary M V Govindan. In a Facebook Live session, she claimed that Vijesh had threatened her to withdraw her statement against the CM and others.

As the video triggered a fresh row, Vijesh moved a complaint against Swapna claiming that she was raising baseless allegations.

Meanwhile, DGP’s decision to hand over the complaint to the Kannur Crime Branch unit for a preliminary investigation has come under fire. Usually, a complaint received by the DGP will be forwarded to the district police chief of the place where the crime took place or where the complainant resides. It is alleged that the DGP has flouted this norm in this case.

On Thursday, Swapna alleged that Vijesh met her in Bengaluru on the pretext of an interview. “Acting on behalf of Govindan, he offered to pay me Rs 30 crore for handing over all the information or evidence about the chief minister, his family members and CM’s additional private secretary C M Raveendran,” Swapna claimed.

“I was also told that my life would be in danger if I refused to oblige,” she said.

Swapna also released visuals of her meeting with Vijesh and screenshots of email messages that he purportedly sent her.

According to reports, Vijesh, known as Vijay Koiloth, is a native of Morazha in Kannur district.

The documents released by Swapna state that he is the CEO of WGN Infotech of Kochi. This firm is no longer functional and its address mentioned in the documents released by Swapna cannot be located. 

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