CPM criticises Bishop Pamplani, says the speech a shameless justification of BJP

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Kannur: CPM has hit out against the speech by Thalassery Arch Bishop Mar Joseph Pamplani in which he said that the Church would support the Central Government if it raise the price of rubber to Rs 300 per kg.
CPM Kannur District Secretary M V Jayarajan said the speech was unfortunate and hurts the morale of the migrant population. “The speech is a shameless justification for the BJP, which is leading the hunt for minorities,” Jayarajan said.

Minister M B Rajesh also came forward with indirect criticism of Mar Joseph Pamplani’s remarks. The minister pointed out that Christians know that the fox has never protected the chicken. He also commented that the leopard’s spot will not go away no matter how much you rub or erase it.

CPM State Secretary M V Govindan shot down the statement and said that no such social engineering will have any impact in Kerala. Without directly commenting on the statement of the Bishop, he said that whatever RSS and BJP try in Kerala, they won’t be successful.

“I don’t know what exactly the Arch Bishop said. How can I respond to an issue between the Centre and the Church,” he said.

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