Susi, the Hachiko of Chacka Fire Station, awaits her brave human friend, Ranjith

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Thiruvananthapuram: The Kerala Fire and Rescue Department is mourning JS Ranjith (32), who died while attempting to douse a major fire at a drug warehouse in the KINFRA Industrial Park here on Tuesday.

But it is not just the humans at the Fire and Rescue Station at Chacka in Thiruvananthapuram that are pained by the untimely demise of the brave officer.

Susi, a stray dog, who was the pet of the entire unit at Chacka has yet to accept the fact that Ranjith is no more. Perhaps, she doesn’t know, yet.

Susi was adopted three years ago by the personnel of Chacka, including Ranjith. They fed her and played with her, they were her family.

But since the demise of Ranjith, Susi hasn’t accepted any food. Television reports showed her staying beside a flex board with Ranjith’s photo on it.

One wonders if she is hoping Ranjith might show up soon, like Hachiko, the fabled Japanese dog that waited over nine years for her owner, unaware of the reality that he was no more.

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