7-yr-old girl’s toe amputated, family alleges medical negligence

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Malappuram: In a shocking incident, a 7-year-old girl’s little toe was amputated two weeks after she suffered a leg fracture. The parents of the girl alleged that the negligence of the doctor at a private hospital here led to the amputation. They claimed that the doctor was not ready to remove the plaster even after the girl complained of severe pain.

Adwika, a second-standard student suffered a leg fracture after a desk accidentally fell over her leg on June 5. The staff in the school rushed her to a private hospital in Changaramkulam. The doctor confirmed that the girl suffered a bone fracture on the leg and gave directions to plaster it.

“ Even after putting the plaster, she suffered severe pain in the little toe. We took our daughter to the same hospital the next day itself. But the doctor told us that it may be due to the plaster. He was not ready to remove the plaster and examine the toe,” said T K Rajesh Adwika’s father.

As the pain intensified, Adwika was taken to another private hospital in Thrissur. When the plaster was removed, the little toe was found completely dead as the bruise was left unattended for over two weeks. As the blood supply was completely blocked to the toe, there was no other option other than amputation.

The girl’s family alleged that the doctor at the hospital in Changaramkulam was neither ready to pay heed to the girl’s worries nor examined the chances of developing dead tissues on the injured leg.

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