After Chullikkad, Sreekumaran Thampi slams Kerala Sahitya Akademi for 'Kerala Song' snub

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Close on the heels of poet Balachandran Chullikkad’s criticism of the Kerala Sahitya Akademi, director and lyricist Sreekumaran Thampi has slammed the institution for insulting him. In a candid Facebook post, the writer said that the Akademi insulted him by asking him to write a Kerala song for the government and later disregarding it without notifying him.

According to Thampi, Kerala Sahitya Akademi President K Satchidanandan and Secretary C P Abubakar asked him to write a song on Kerala in simple words. Following this, he composed a song for the Akademi as requested within a week’s time. However, he was asked to modify the first stanza of the song. The veteran lyricist changed the lyrics accordingly and sent it back. Though Satchidanandan acknowledged the modified song with a one-word reply, there was no word on its acceptance or rejection. Later, an advertisement was aired on the channels inviting submissins for the Kerala song.

“I was insulted by a prose poet after contributing 3000 songs to the industry. Minister of Culture Saji Cherian should answer for his humiliation,” he said.

Sreekumaran Thampi’s disclosure comes after the controversy related to Balachandran Chullikad. Balachandran Chullikkad had slammed the Kerala Sahitya Akademi on social media for paying him only Rs 2,400 for a two-hour-long lecture on Kumaranasan’s Karuna at the International Literary Festival of Kerala. “I had to pay as Rs 3,500 as taxi fare for travelling from Ernakulam to Thrissur,” he said

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