Speed limit revised again to 100 kmph and 90 kmph on NH-six lane in Kerala

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A year after revised speed limits became effective in Kerala, speed has been refixed on National Highway six lane and above, divided carriage way (roads with median strips/dividers). The state government has decided to refix the speed of M1 category vehicles ( not more than eight seats in addition to driver’s seat ), M2 & M3 category vehicles (nine or more seats in addition to driver’s seat) on National Highway -six lane. For M1 category vehicles, speed on NH-six lane has been revised from 110 kmph to 100 kmph. Speed of M2 & M3 category vehicles has been revised from 95 kmph to 90 kmph, as per a gazette notification issued by the Transport department.

The government had introduced revised speed limits via a government order in June 2023 in accordance with the Government of India notification published in April 2018. Speed has again been revised on NH-six lane following the intervention of the National Highways authority of India. As per the latest gazette notification published by the Transport Department, The Regional Officer, National Highways Authority of India (Kerala) has informed that all six/four lane roads developed under NHAI in Kerala with a maximum speed of 100 kmph are not fully access controlled. Hence refixing of traffic sign boards with a maximum speed of 110 kmph/95 kmph is not permitted by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for M1, M2 & M3 category vehicles.

The government has hence decided to refix the speed limit on NH-six lane.The gazette notification doesn’t mention any change in maximum speed on NH-four lane for M1 category vehicles, M2& M3 category vehicles. As per the revised speed limits issued in June 2023, the speed limit for M1 and M2,M3 category on NH-four lane are 100 kmph and 90 kmph respectively.
New speed limit on NH-Six lane
Vehicles with not more than 8 seats – 100 kmph
Vehicles with nine or more seats – 90 kmph

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