Two Malayali women drown after falling into sea at Sydney's Kurnell beach

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Sydney: Two Malayali women lost their lives after being swept away by waves in Sydney’s Sutherland Kurnell Beach here on Monday. Marwa Hashim (33) from Edakkad, Kannur, and Neersha Harris (Shani-38 )from Kozhikode, were strolling along the beach’s rocky terrain when they slipped into the cold water. Roshna, Shani’s sister, also found herself in peril but was fortunately rescued.

Both Hashim and Neersha were cherished members of their communities, known for their active involvement in social work.

The calamity unfolded on Monday around 4:30 pm local time when emergency services rushed to Yena Road at Kurnell in the Sutherland Shire upon receiving distressing reports of three women being engulfed by the ocean. Despite swift action and assistance from aerial police, marine officers could only retrieve two unconscious women from the water. Paramedics and medical professionals administered aid, but sadly, their efforts to revive the victims proved futile.

According to authorities, the third woman managed to extricate herself from the water and clamber back onto the rocks, receiving aid from compassionate members of the public. While an investigation into the incident has been initiated, preliminary findings have not indicated any suspicious circumstances surrounding the tragic event. This marks the second drowning within a fortnight in the Kurnell area, local media reported. 

Marwa was the wife of Dr Siraj Hameed. She was the daughter of former KMCC leader the late C Hashim and Kannur Corporation Councillor Feroza Hashim. She also led the protest against CAA and NRC held in Perth, Australia. Neersha, the wife of TK Harris, was the daughter of Rehman and Laila. Both women are survived by three children.

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