Kerala CM silent due to Sivasankar’s involvement in Brahmapuram deal: Swapna Suresh

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Bengaluru: Swapna Suresh, the prime accused in the sensational gold smuggling case, has once again levelled accusations against Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and  his former principal secretary M Sivasankar.

In a Facebook post, she alleged that Sivasankar was involved in awarding of the contract of the Brahmapuram solid waste plant to Zonta Infratech.

Swapna alleged that the CM was silent about the Brahmapuram issue due to Sivasankar’s involvement in the deal. Sivasankar was recently arrested for his association in the Life Mission case.

She also requested the chief minister to get back the mobilisation advance given to the contract company and distribute it to the public. Mobilization Advance means advance payment made to a contract company for the services to be provided in future.

A massive fire, which broke out at the solid waste treatment in Brahmapuram on March 2, has left Kerala’s Ernakulam district gasping for breath with toxic fumes. Bio-mining firm Zonta Infratech, responsible for segregating the legacy waste at the 110-acre waste dump, is being blamed for the fire and the irresponsible waste management at the plant.

Swapna had recently accused the CPM of trying to buy her silence in the gold smuggling case with an offer of Rs30 crore through an intermediary.

Excerpts from the Facebook post

“12 days of silence by the Hon’ble CM, thanks to the power above that He finally decided to utter……

Mobilization advance given to the contract company request the Hon’ble CM to get it back and distribute it among the ladies and gentlemen, the common public who are coming forward to extinguish the fire at BRAMHAPURAM.

Hon’ble CM I know very personally why u didn’t react as always at the Kerala Legislative Assemly because you did not get the note to read on time yeaaah maybe because the right hand is at the hospital ” Sivasankar Sir” you should have managed otherwise. Just because he was also involved in this deal you should not wait like this……

As a citizen of India please take my suggestion , We the individuals irrespective of age and gender will manage the fire at brahmapuram risking our lives to save the rest but , provided you take the advance c……..n back and distribute it to the people saving Brahmapuram and the people of Kochi.

You must be wondering why am I talking on this matter because , I too lived in Kochi and had to escape to Bengaluru because of you but not dead yet.

Ladies & Gentlemen I will join all of you to help the people of Kochi inspite of all the threats and danger to my life.


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